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Cohesive technology and product strategy for businesses.

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Will Mabee Principal

Will has over 10 years experience helping companies grow with collaborative product design followed by software and marketing execution.

When he's not working you might find him cooking, playing hoops or attempting to ski.

Eric Medvec Engineering

Eric is an expert in DevOps and automation. He advises on infrastructure best practices for startups and fully scaled companies alike.

When he's not building awesome products he's working on one of his cars.

Inder Dhir Engineering

Inder is a full-stack developer specializing in consumer facing web and mobile applications. He has had a hand in creating some of the most popular apps in the App Store and always eager to build the next one.

When he's not coding he's playing video games.

Mike Mitzman Creative Director / UX

Mike leads creative direction and user experience design. He has deep experience both in consumer goods and business to business websites and software.

When he's not designing beautiful experiences he's probably playing basketball with Will, where they met.